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Welcome to the Charlotte Valley Cafeteria!

Our cafeteria staff strives to create a welcoming atmosphere where students can relax and enjoy delicious, wholesome food. We all know that growing minds learn more when properly nourished, so we encourage all students to take advantage of our program.

An expanded menu with dishes rotating on a six-week cycle aims to increase student participation as well as encourage students to experience new foods and flavors that may have previously been unfamiliar to them. The cafeteria offers fresh, nutritious steamed vegetables and salads daily as well as multiple fresh and canned fruit options.

Food Service Accounts

Each student has a 3-digit number used for their food service account and remains the same throughout the student's career at Charlotte Valley School. Starting this year, all students receive one breakfast and one lunch free of charge as a result of participation in the Community Eligibility Program. Seconds, snacks and additional beverages must be purchased.

Food service accounts operate on a pre-pay basis and must be kept current. Cash, checks and money orders are accepted. Payments may be mailed to the Charlotte Valley School Cafeteria at 15611 State Highway 23, Davenport, NY 13750. Payments may also be sent in with students or we invite parents to visit us at the cafeteria from 7:00am-1:00pm on school days. We discourage sending large cash payments in with students, but recommend a sealed, labeled envelope if this is necessary. Student meal account balances and transaction histories are available through the MyMealMoney link under MyCharlotte-Students-Links on the home page.

Please contact Mica Thorsland with any questions or concerns with regard to your child’s lunch account or other cafeteria-related matters at or call veg


Sports Drinks in Schools: Game Over


Sports drinks are little more than sugar water with added salt, which few children can fit into their diets ​given excessive sodium and calorie intakes in the United States.

Water is the indispensable beverage and is adequate for meeting the
hydration needs of most people. For athletes engaged in continuous, highintensity
aerobic workouts that last for 60 minutes or more, sports drinks
can help to enhance athletic performance. However, since most students
do not participate in 60‐minute high‐intensity workouts during school hours,
sports drinks should not be sold or served in schools. ... CLICK TO READ MORE