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It is our hope that your children will enjoy good health throughout the school year. However, if your young child should become ill with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or severe cough, it is necessary for you to keep him or her out of school. DO not medicate to reduce a fever and then sent your child to school, as they are still contagious. It is in the best interest of your child and the others in the class if you follow these guidelines.

A written doctor's order must be given to the school nurse before ANY medications can be administered in school. This includes over the counter medication. Please do NOT send medication to school with a child. An adult should drop off and pick up medication. Medicine must be in the original container. 

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Physical exams
are required for Pre-k, Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 11th grade. You are encouraged to have this done with your own doctor (bring in a copy of the exam for our records). If this is not possible, our school nurse practitioner is scheduled to be here on several days throughout the year to provide exams. If you have received a notice about this please be sure to complete and return it to let us know your intentions.

In addition, grades pre-K, new entrants including Kindergarten,1st,3rd,5th,7th and 10th grade are screened for hearing and vision problems. 2nd grade receives vision screening only. This is an ongoing effort in this office. Whenever a student is tested and found to not meet minimal standards, a referral will be mailed to the parents.


Sports Physicals are provided free of charge by the school. The nurse practitioner who examines the students is only scheduled here a limited number of times. Any student requiring a sports physical must sign up in the health office and have a parent complete the health history form prior to the exam. No one will be examined without the completed form. Students may have their exam done with their own physician and bring the exam form to the health office. A sports physical covers the student for any sport for the next 12 months unless he is injured or seriously ill. In such a case, the student must provide a written release from his doctor before returning to sports practice or games.


Injuries at school: if your child is injured in a school activity(a school employee must be supervising), and you seek medical attention, be sure to notify the health office ASAP so an incident report can be completed by the supervising employee. Pupils Benefits, our insurance company will need a claim form provided by this office and sent in by the parent with the outstanding bills you receive. In most cases Pupils Benefits covers most, if not all, of what your insurance does not.  
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Attendance Info________________________________

Please call in to let us know if your child will be absent or late any day from school. 278-5511 opt2 .If we have not heard from you we may call to verify the absence. This is done as a safety / accountability issue.

 Send a written excuse after each absence or tardy. This does not have to be detailed but should explain basically if the absence was due to illness, death in the family or other general reasons. This is required even if you have called in on the date of the absence. 

 School attendance policy states that students who miss more than 28 days of any one subject for any reason, may be denied credit. Make school a priority and be sure your child is not absent more than necessary. Excessive absences will be dealt with through phone calls and letters to parents, conferences with student and/or parents. Only then, if the problem continues, will outside intervention be involved. Please be sure your student is in school unless truly ill.

Our attendance is done on computer from each classroom and as with every record keeping system that involves many people each day, an error is occasionally made. Please bear with us and forgive us for any inconvenience this may cause you.


It is very important to notify the school when contact information such as phone numbers, employer or address changes.


Head Lice 

Whenever there is a reported case or two, head checks are done and a letter is backpacked home to every family.Be sure to check regularly for lice and nits. Using a good metal lice comb each day at home can prevent a major infestation. It is important to remember that this is a common childhood occurrence, having nothing to do with cleanliness. It is a nuisance but not a health hazard.

If your child is sent home with lice, treat with any product your pharmacist recommends, remove all nits and bring your child to the nurse to be checked. Removing the nits is the MOST IMORTANT part of the effort to get rid of head lice. Excessive house cleaning is not any help if you have not removed all the nits. Do not send your child back on the bus until cleared.  It is NOT recommended that you treat your child for head lice unless you have definite confirmation that there is an infestation. Treating will not prevent your child from getting head lice and can be harmful to your child.

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   NY State Law

Reminder to all parents of 5th graders:  Your child must be immunized with the required Tdap and second varicella vaccine. This is required to start school in 6th grade.
Students entering 7th grade must have one dose of the meningitis vaccine, those entering 12th grade must have 2 doses. As with the above vaccines, this must be done to start school in these grades.


During the warm weather our students go outside for recess and often for P.E. as well. If you wish, your child can apply sunscreen before going outside , if you send it and write a note to say it is ok. Please DO NOT send aerosol products as they are a hazard for asthmatic students. ( little ones who can't apply their own sunscreen can have assistance from staff if you give written permission and send the sunscreen. This would be pre-K and  kindergarten.

We encourage outdoor recess whenever possible. When temperatures are colder, be sure your child has adequate outdoor clothing for recess.

Girl Wearing Polka Dot Dress.pngBe sure your young child has mastered all the skills of independent toileting, including getting clothing on and off, wiping and hand washing. An extra set of clothes to keep at school are very important and need to be replaced when used.

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