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Stopping bullying in our schools is important. For this to happen, it will take all of us! Parents, community, students, and all school staff need to play an important role to rid our school of bullies. Please take the time to learn about bullying by visiting the many websites that are available on the web. Clicking the picture on the left will take you toa site ( will help us with not only bullying in school but cyber bullying as well. Should you have any concerns about bullying or anything else, please feel free to contact the school and let us know. Keeping the lines of communication open is an important step in creating a bully free environment in our school.

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 engage NY  Resources for Parents and Families designed to build understanding of the New York State education reform initiatives and how the changes help children

Understanding the Common Core Standards

A Parents Guide to Student Success

Common Core Information for Parents

A Common Core Kindergarten Classroom

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Engage NY Parent

Common Core Works From the page to the Classroom

Khan Academy- help for parents

District Wellness Policy

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