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All students can learn and achieve when they feel valued and safe.

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Empowering students today to conquer the challenges of tomorrow.

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As many of you know and have talked about through the various "grapevines" about the new parking lot and its status, I'll give you the scoop on it.  The parking lot since it's 1st day has had technical issues with draining to the "DI" closest to the firehouse. The reasons are basically that the pavement was an inch below the top of the DI.  As many of you know water rarely jumps. The contractor's were called immediately and they determined that it had to be milled and repaved.  Its was milled and repaved.  The issue continues and the District and the Architects have determined  that the result is insufficient for our purposes and what was planned.   We have asked the General Contractor to line and light the lot until a solution is obtained.  At this point we are meeting with all concerned parties until the proper resolution is acceptable.   Rest assured  that it will be done right and your money will be spent wisely.  We have not of this date issued any monies under advice. If you have any questions please call me at the School.  Thanks and enjoy the changing of the leaves