Article: Reopening Information

Reopening Information

August  3rd 2020


Charlotte Valley will be returning to school after careful consideration and with the implementation of CDC, DOH and NYSED safety guidelines for the start of the school year.  We will return to full in-school, in person education platform.  We have arranged our desks and tables to be able to socially distance each classroom according to need and occupancy levels.  We have taken all the necessary safety precautions available to us for your student’s safety.  If there were any major concerns we would have looked at a different type of instructional model.

Students are to return to school unless otherwise prohibited by a doctor’s note due to an underlying medical condition. Accommodations will be put in place to ensure that these students receive the same education as their counterparts.  Our cafeteria will provide food daily for those students that are home but parents will have to pick up on site, there will be no more food transport to homes after August 31st 2020.

We ask if you can self- transport your children to school, it would be of great help.

Please call the district by August 21st to let us know that your student will not be riding our bus.

We will use these 3 rules as the basis of all that we do to stay safe:.

1.     Social distance when and where possible

2.     Wear facemasks on bus(mandatory) or when social distancing is not possible in the school building. You will need a medical note to be exempt from wearing a facemask on the bus or in the building when social distancing isn’t possible.

3.      Wash hands, use hand sanitizer periodically and remain at home when your temperature is greater than 100 degrees or display symptoms of COVD -19 or the flu.

Every student and staff member will have their temperature checked daily by our intellitemp monitors at each entrance or will not be permitted in the building. Those that fail the screening will be taken for a 2nd screening in the Nurse’s Office. There will be no after school activities such as CROP, detention or tutoring until the COVID ban is lifted.  Visitors will be only allowed into the main vestibule.  All parent meetings and Special Education meetings will be via ZOOM. 

The district has developed a cleaning and disinfecting policy and protocols where we will clean desks, chairs and door handles after each class.  We will provide hand sanitizer and hand soap throughout the building and students will be asked to wash hands throughout the day.  Student’s movement throughout the building and classrooms will be restricted to lower the chance of infection.  Students will be required to have a facemask on their person at all times.  Students will not be required to wear the facemask in the classroom during the academic learning time, unless social distancing is impossible for certain activities.  

We will disinfect the buses after the a.m. and p.m. runs daily.  Students will eat primarily in their classrooms for breakfast and lunch, with limited eating in the cafeteria  or designated areas on a rotational basis. 

We realize that these policies and procedures are ever changing due to new information but they are intended to allow learning and social development to occur while protecting your children, bus drivers and our staff in the event of an outbreak. Also your cooperation and helpfulness in screening your children before they leave for school each day is of great importance to all of us at CVCS.  It will minimize the chance of any type of spread of flu, intestinal illnesses, and other seasonal maladies we always enjoy during a typical school year. 

If you have any questions please call at (607) 278-5511. Our website contains more information and our reopening plans as required by the New York State Department of Education  We will continue to post updates as the school year gets closer.  


James Harter



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